[Motivational Minute] There Must Be Positive Action

[Motivational Minute] There Must Be Positive Action

“Positive thoughts are not enough, there has to be positive action.” 

I haven’t a clue who first uttered the words above, but I have to say, there is absolute truth within them. 

We read Napoleon Hill and listen to Earl Nightingale and we’re told all about how the ‘law of attraction’ and ‘think positive!’ will get us where we’d like to be in life.  However, many of us struggle with mental blocks and subconscious issues making it difficult to achieve those lofty and seemingly unattainable dreams. 

I propose we still attempt the positive thoughts but Take That Action!  You cannot reach ANY dream without action – positive or no.  So, take Action – and try to make it the most positive it can be. 

Surely you know by now that nothing can be achieved if all you do is think on it.  I think about the dishes and the laundry (All. The. Time.) and I think, “Goodness, if I just think on it long enough, maybe they’ll get themselves done!” 

You know darn good and well that’s not going to work.  It’s no different with your online business.  That blog is not going to publish itself, the social media is not going to post itself, the newsletter is not going to broadcast itself, and you know those dishes are not going to get washed by themselves!  

You must take action.  You must DO.  Sure, it might seem sometimes like it’s all going nowhere.  It might seem like you’ve been blogging, broadcasting, advertising, marketing, talking, typing, posting and pinging until your fingertips are numb. 

So, take a break. 

And then get back at it.  Set aside a certain amount of time each day (or each ‘work’ day), and put it in your calendar.  Then be sure to take your action steps when that time comes to you.  Always take action.

Action might get you there quickly or slowly,
but INaction will get you there Never.

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