Stumbling over these words one day, I decided to highlight the text and read this paragraph multiple times. It may be a bit wordy and certainly aged, but I have found it to be a definite truth. How many days do we wake up in a foul mood, with a negative disposition, just to find... Continue Reading →

Why Building Your Brand is Indistinguishable from Building Your Business

Written by FERNY CEBALLOS If you’re a network marketing distributor, you may have been advised to… “Build your business, not your brand.” And quite frankly, I believe this is terrible advice and it hurts people. What’s perplexing is I’ve heard this from the lips of leaders speaking from stage who’ve built big brands for themselves, and... Continue Reading →

How to Stay Focused in a World Full of Noise | DDOA

Network Marketers - Are You Guilty of This? You're working on your Business, you see something that appears 'shinier,' you drop all the progress you made in that one business to Start-All-Over-Again with the new 'shiny object' you just joined? Well, Whit and Cari are going to talk about "How to Stay Focused in a... Continue Reading →

You Can Have, Do, Or Be Anything You Set Your Mind To, But. . .

Reading his book this past weekend, I came across P.T.'s quote here in his book The Art of Money Getting, and couldn't help but be reminded of what I was often told as a child, "God helps those who help themselves."  (Huh?) Now, as a child, I certainly did not understand that concept one iota.... Continue Reading →

Are You Embarrassed of Being Involved in Network Marketing? | DDOA

Network Marketers! Are You Embarrassed of Being Involved in Network Marketing? Here’s How to Earn the Respect of Those Who Think Network Marketing is Beneath You and Them: * Fortify your mindset. * Be honest and real. * Treat your business as a real Business. There's so much more Training and Great Information for you... Continue Reading →

How To Compel Your Prospects Without Being Pushy | DDOA

[Network Marketers - Daily Dose] How To Compel Your Prospects Without Being Pushy *What is AIDA? It could very well help your business! Then check out our 10-day Recruiting Bootcamp - it's Yours Free - with no obligations, just fantastic information for your network marketing business >> 🤓

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