On this page I wish to share some favorite websites from which I and my family have ordered regularly over the last few years.  If I find any others I trust in helping take care of my family, I will share it here as well:


* DirectlyFromNature.com has a fantastic product called Rescue Remedy which was an absolute miracle-cure for my daughter when we had moved (again!) and she was having difficulty adjusting. The Rescue Remedy helped her tremendously. All it took was up to four drops in her water (yes, just drops) of this mixture and it was enough to calm her nerves and help her through the day. I really can’t praise it highly enough. I keep a bottle on hand for any of those times when things might get a little hectic – test week, speeches in front of the whole school… that type of thing. 🙂


*Organic Is the way to go! Visit Now and learn more about the benefits of Natural Ingredients for Skincare and Haircare! We use the Hair Loss Shampoo and the Dandruff Shampoo, the vitamin leave-in treatment and the make-up remover. At first glance these products seem to be a bit pricey, but let me tell you – it’s been our experience that a “little bit goes a long way” with these products. The scents of everything we’ve used so far are soothing and wonderful… no medicinal or strong smells. I encourage you to try these Made In America products today!


*Native Remedies Monthly Specials Save up to 25%. Well not only is that a fantastic offer, but they offer the same thing for your pets! This website is a wealth of health and well-being information for you, your family and your furry friends! Even if you don’t order the products, you can still further your health education.  🙂  You can browse by “condition”, you can “ask an expert”, you can sign up for their newsletters (which – incidentally at this time of writing – awards you with a $5 coupon!)

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