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Balancing out Your Reading Habit… :)

Are you a pretty avid book-reader?? I know that sometimes we really just want to purchase a book brand new so we can be the ones to “crack” it open that very first time… ((I love the smell of new books!))

However… 🙂

So many of us have books lying around that we’ve already read. Yes, some of those books we like to keep in our own personal library. There are, though, some of those books that we really don’t want to keep. Books that we’ve gotten all we need out of them, and we simply don’t need them any longer.

There is a much more sustainable way of getting our “book fix”! 🙂 Have you tried PaperBack Swap? Many of you have heard of it, though if you haven’t, now is the time to check it out!

You post your un-wanted books on PaperBack Swap. When someone requests your book, you send it to them and you receive a credit. You use your credit to get a book you’ve been wanting to read.

Now if you couple PaperBack Swap with EcoLibris — you’ve got a big hand in Going Green, so to speak. EcoLibris is an inspiring and awesome idea where you “Balance out your Books” by planting a tree for each book you read. You do this by purchasing little EcoLibris stickers and placing one sticker on or inside each of your books (then list your books on PaperBack Swap).

You’re cutting down on paper and planting trees at the same time. You’re virtually planting a tree for EACH book you read!

Now, isn’t that an awesome idea!?

God Bless!

** While I do use both programs listed above, and I do have an account with PBS, I am in no way “affiliated” with either program. Though I do support the programs.