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Worldprofit Associate Members Get So Much… read on for details

Good day!

I hope your day is a great one.

The purpose of this note is just to give you a rundown of the many benefits available to you through a free Worldprofit membership!

Free Associate Members receive:

  • 50% commission on sales referrals for our Reseller’s Club Products
  • 5% commission on sales referrals for Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships
  • Solo Email Blaster privileges–send 30,000 emails per month–use this for any opportunity
  • Referral links, ad copy and text ads for copy and paste promotion
  • Unlimited access to Worldprofit’s Home Business Community
  • Option to earn free Advertising Credits in our…

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>> 5 Solo Ads – 1 Whole Year – Change Anytime

Good afternoon!

We’ll rotate YOUR solo ads for FIVE Websites on our HUGE network of member lists, subscriber lists, and high traffic site lists — this totals OVER 1.2 MILLION Subscribers.

ONE FULL Year – Change Anytime – Weekly Stats eMailed

Worldprofit has set up a state-of-the-art Solo Ad ROTATOR System on our massive subscriber lists. Your solo ad will run in our rotator to hundreds of email postings, newsletters, updaters and more.

Now you can get YOUR AD on HUNDREDS of email messages and postings for a ONE-TIME SUPER LOW COST…Just $47 for 5 Solo Ads for an ENTIRE YEAR.

You enter your subject, message and URL – times 5!

You get 5 Solo Ads that keep running for an entire year!

This Traffic is great if you want signups and sales for:

* Any Affiliate Program
* Business Opportunities
* List building and social connections
* Backlinking purposes

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Make it a great day!

GOLD Banner Rotator – Traffic To 5 Sites For ONE Full Year Promote Affiliate Links – Change ANYTIME (Details Inside)

NEW GOLD Banner ROTATOR FOR 5 Websites – Change Anytime – Weekly Stats eMailed

Worldprofit has set up a Mega Banner ROTATOR System on our
HIGH TRAFFIC SITES and over 500 others that you must see!

Now you can get YOUR AD on HUNDREDS of High Traffic
sites for a ONE TIME SUPER LOW COST…Just $47 for
5 Banners for an ENTIRE YEAR.

We have opened a few packages that will rotate with NO LIMITS
for ONE FULL YEAR for your 5 URLs! Change them anytime.

BONUS: Your URLs will even run in our Diamond Rotator Sites! (Don’t tell)

This Traffic is great if you want signups and sales for…

* Any Affiliate Program
* Business Opportunities
* List building and social connections
* Backlinking purposes

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Yours In Success!

>>>> Free $12, Traffic Biz, All in One with Fun!


You want it all in one program right? I’ll
keep it short and sweet cause these features speak
for themselves.

Cash Surfing Network

Free $12 Signup Bonus

GUARANTEED Cash Rewards of $1.00+ Everyday

A Complete Traffic Business Platform

AND a New Exciting Game CSN City!

Need I say more? Of course not, I’ll see you
on the inside 🙂

The Legacy Team
Marcus Wahl
Eric Goettman
Ken Locatelli
Rodney Hage

Yours In Success,
Celena Barton

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Lesson 88 Tips and What To Watch For When Purchasing Traffic or Clicks

Don’t let this happen to you folks. Spending money on legitimate traffic sources is a great idea! But, don’t fall for the 100,000 visitors to your site for $19.99 or this will happen to you!

Let’s face it, part of the problem with dealing with ads from safelists is they can be TEMPTING! Thousands of visitors and clicks for pennies and more. All they want is 20 bucks.

The reality is that 10,000 visitors to your website will cost you about $100. Sales can drop that by 10 bucks, but that’s it. Solo ads are the same, they should cost 40 cents a click at best.

Keep these numbers handy because that Monkey you see above is what you will be if you don’t!

George Kosch is the traffic master. Sign up into our free program and get a sample of his training program at no cost.

Need some help with all those Traffic Exchanges? | Website Traffic | Online Business

As a traffic exchange surfer I’m usually keeping an eye out
for those programs or even select software that can help minimize
headaches while maximizing my Surf Power.

I have found an amazing tool that I can NOT believe took me SO long
to look into! I’m aggravated with myself for not paying attention earlier.

If you are a Traffic Exchange Surfer – you REALLY must take a look at this.

Even the Free version is awesome!

And you can get a yearly upgrade for as little as $15!

$15 for a Year!

That’s amazing in itself which made me skeptical to take it seriously, I suppose.

However – I finally did take it seriously and I plugged as many of my own logins
in as I could. (They are adding exchanges indefinitely, so if your favorites aren’t
in there yet, sit tight, they will be.)

Here is this amazing tool for surfers:

Traffic Browser | $15 a year upgrade! | Traffic Exchange

I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. Surfing exchanges is so smooth
and fast. I know – you’re wondering how your surfing can get faster when you do the
whole Ctrl+Tab then Click technique, huh? Well, prepare to be blown away.

Happy surfing!
Celena Barton

PS: It is especially helpful for CTP’ers and CSN’ers… 🙂

NOTE: What is all this talk about Traffic Exchanges? Whether you have an
online business or an offline business, you need visitors, right? If you have a
website presence, Traffic Exchanges can prove to be helpful in your
marketing – get website traffic to your site! Check out ClickTrackProfit to learn
all about it (and have a bit of fun in the process).