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Seth Godin’s Prescription for Beating Fear

“What’s the smallest, tiniest thing that I can master and what’s the scariest thing I can do in front of the smallest number of people that can teach me how to dance with the fear?” Once we get good at that, we just realize that it’s not fatal. And that idea is what’s so key — because then you can do it a little bit more.”
–Seth Godin

Our fear usually tells us what we need to do most.

But many of us have gotten highly-skilled at avoiding and/or numbing that fear.

But the only way you achieve success is by facing a fear and breaking through to the next level.

Otherwise you stay exactly where you are for the rest of your life.

Scared and numb.

Or scared and dissatisfied.

Question 1: When is the last time you stared down a fear and broke through to another level in your life?

Question 2: What are you afraid of doing that you KNOW you must do to achieve online success?

Today, take Seth Godin’s advice and take the smallest, tiniest step you can in the direction of your fear.

Get started on something that scares you a little.

One very small, simple step you can take, is to get started with MTTB for $49.

Then take one small step every day for 21 days.

If after 21 days, you have not made a commission, Matt Lloyd will pay you $500.

That’s 10 times your money back, if you take this small, scary step and it doesn’t work out for you.

But, I’m going to bet that what Seth says is true: You’ll find out it’s not fatal. You’ll find out the first step was not that hard. Then you’ll find out the next step isn’t that hard. Soon, you’ll be on to Step 21 and making commissions regularly.

$1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions.

Maybe even driving a new Mercedes.

But you’ll never get there if you let your fears win.

Take a small step to victory today.