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How to turn your mess into your message…| Done For You | MTTB System | Perfection

“Turn Your Mess Into Your Message.” -Robin Roberts
I don’t know what it is, but online, people try to be some
perfect person to others.They think “perfection” will
equal more sales and profits.
However, that couldn’t be any further than the truth!
Would you like to be like a robot?

Programmed for perfection, no mistakes, no learning
experiences, just perfection.

Right now, NO!

You likely wouldn’t.

And you def wouldn’t want to get emails and messages
from some perfect robot each day right?

There’s very little for us to learn there.

The other route is to be YOU.

To be authentic.

To stop trying to be something we all know you’re not.

To turn your mess, into your message!

Realize that people are where you’re at and where
you’ve been.

We all make mistakes, errors, we have setbacks,
triumphs, and everything in between.

THAT’S what you want to share with your list. That
is where you can greatly help them out, and profit
insanely from!

The more you put yourself out there, the more
successful you’ll be.

If you’re just starting out in this business, great!
Don’t try to be a guru. You’re in a better position
than they are to profit.

Start sharing from where you’re at -right now.

Maybe you tested an ad method, and it bombed.
You bought a solo ad, and it tanked or just got
one sale.

Perhaps you’ve just got around to outsourcing your
first project online and you messed up, and learned
a few things that you can share with others.

Get this…

People (many people!), will always be just a step or
two behind you. Not 100 steps, just a couple.

When you share this stuff with them, you become
their guru. They’ll trust you, they’ll follow you, and
they’ll buy from you.

Everything you put out will be hyper-relevant to

No need to act all perfect, or pretend you’re in a
mansion with 5 Ferrari’s out front. Who relates to

I mean… I’ve got at least 10. ;)

Anyways, I just wanted to share this, because these
little things can make all the difference in your

And, doing things on the up and up, always, will
also help ya sleep good every night.

And when you start sharing your experiences and
where you’re at within the MTTB System in


It can put a lot of cash into your pockets.

Because it’s designed to help you get high ticket
sales –Done For You– on the backend.

So all you have to do is share and tell your front-
end process and experiences as outlined above.


Talk later!


…could a human stoop this low?

Did you know that there are some ‘Homeless’ folks out
there that make over $100,000 a year?

Now obviously they’re not ‘really’ homeless, but they’re
posing like they are. On the sidewalks, in the subway
stations, out there begging for money…

Now, would you do something like this if your were
100% guaranteed you’d make an income like that too?

Aside the fact that it’s dishonest and wrong! I know I
wouldn’t do it. Not in a 100 years.


Most of us would not… because of one word…


These folks have zero status in life. They’re helping
nobody, they’re taking advantage of others instead
of adding value into peoples lives in a massive way.

They’re acting like something they’re not just to make
a quick buck…

Sad as it is, I see a lot of people doing this online too.

It’s slightly different, because they’re NOT successful,
but they’re acting like they are, and there is no reason
for them to even be doing this.

Nobody has to stoop to that level of being a scammer
and a liar. That’s no way to live!

Want the KEY?

The key that can take you from wherever you’re
standing right now to 6 figures and 7 figures in no
time flat?

Help people.

Care like you’ve never cared in your life about others.

Aim to change lives. Shut-up and listen to what others
have to say. Consider THEIR needs first, not yours.

Do this, and you’ll get everything you ever wanted from
this business. You’ll sleep good at night and you’ll
have the Status of the highest caliber…

The status of being an agent of value and a person that
honestly cares for and wants the absolute best for

That’s how things are run at MTTB:

We listen to what people want, and we try our best to
help and give them the tools they need to bring them
the highest fighting chance of succeeding.

But if they’re not a fit for the program, or not ready to
take things to the next level just yet, we still care and
do our best to help however that may be, sale or no

What counts is Caring, and educating people to make
the best possible decision for themselves and their

To being human!

Get Rich Millionaire Bootcamp Video Tells ALL

Get Rich Millionaire Bootcamp Video Tells ALL

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

How about this: recently an institution that
studies the number of world millionaires released
some pretty amazing information. They said that
in a world with 3.5 billion+ people only 77,000
of them are bona fide millionaires. Just 77,000.

What’s more, these 77,000 people control fully
1/4 of the world’s wealth. The other 3.5 billion
get 75% of the goodies.

Deduction: you’re crazy not to do everything in
your power to become a millionaire. Millionaires

Problem is: just how to you go about learning the
essentials you must know to become a millionaire.
You don’t get the information in school. Millionaire
mentors aren’t exactly hanging out on street corners
for you to find and quiz. (They do, after all, have
better places to go.) So, what’s the alternative?

Meet Self-Made Multi-Millionaire George Kosch

Since 1994, the folks at have been
helping thousands of entrepreneurs and businesspeople
worldwide use the Internet to profit. You’ve probably
already heard about them. They’re very well known
for their domain hosting, custom website design,
and a line of low-cost, easy-to-use, no-software-to-
download video services.

Once they created those cutting-edge video services,
they turned their attention to what kind of online
was available for folks like you and me
who, quite simply, want to use the Internet to get
. The results were dismal: they didn’t find a
single online professional training program you
could enroll in and learn how to use the Internet
to make money, not one.

Nothing daunted, assigned the task
of creating such a professional training course to
their brilliant Chief Technology Officer, George
Kosch. A self-made multi-millionaire himself, he’s
responsible for inventing some of the most important
software for online business and entrepreneurial

In short order, he created an amazing professional
course and named it the Millionaire Bootcamp.
Hundreds worldwide enrolled right away, no wonder.

Let me tell you right off the bat that I’ve been
participating in this course from the beginning,
with superb results. Twice weekly Instructor George
delivers live online presentations. The
focus is on making money know and building your
wealth using the Internet. There is no fluff, no
hype, just vital information you can use now.

In case you cannot attend any of the live presentations,
they are recorded for immediate 24/7 access
worldwide. All you need is an Internet connection.

100% Of Millionaire Bootcamp Graduates Make
Money Online. You Will, Too — GUARANTEED!

What’s great about this course, indeed what
makes it so beneficial, is not merely the superior
quality of the presentations. It’s the fact
that your progress throughout the course is
monitored. You learn what to do, then you get
the assistance you need as you get out to implement
what you’ve learned. As a result, you’re making
money EVEN BEFORE the course ends and you graduate!
What’s more, your continuing success as a graduate
is GUARANTEED. This hands-on workshop is 100%
results oriented.

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WARNING! This video and the Millionaire Bootcamp
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Millionaire Bootcamp