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Founders’ Positions Almost Full! Health and Wellness hasn’t seen THIS before….

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This is Celena and I only have a minute but I have something important I want to tell you about. I think it is going to be big and there is just a short window where you can get in as a Founder so I would encourage you to at least take a look. If this works out it could make you a very wealthy person. When you go to the website be sure to look at the pictures. These products are going to change the world, so check it out right away. This is a company where you can share in the entire global sales.

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Take a serious look at this:

>> The Danger of Waiting Until You’re Ready

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“It’s a terrible thing in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There’s almost no such thing as ready. There’s only now. And you may as well do it now."
–Hugh Laurie

If you have kids, you’ll get this. If you don’t have kids, just wait until you do.

You’ll get it then…

But, have you ever heard a young couple say, “We’re just not quite ready for kids now.”

If you have kids, every time you hear a young couple say that, you probably giggle a little.

You probably nod your head and try not break out laughing.

Because, as every parent knows, YOU ARE NEVER READY FOR KIDS.

There’s no such thing as being ready.

Because until you have kids, you have no idea what it’s like to have them.

It’s one of those things that you learn as you do.

It’s one of those things that you can’t fully prepare for.

And the same is true of most important things in life. Like marriage. And starting your own business.

You’ll never be “Ready”. Because, as Hugh Laurie says, “There is no such thing as ready.”

About the only way you can know if you’re ready for kids is to ask yourself, “Am I ready to love something more than I love myself?”

If you can truthfully answer “yes” to that question, you’re probably as ready as you’re ever going to be.

And when it comes to starting your own business, if you can truthfully answer “yes”, to the question “Do I want something more from my life than the usual 9 to 5, cubicle-bound, work-for-40-years-and-get-a-gold-watch existence?”

If you truly do want more, if that desire burns in your belly, then you’re as ready as you’ll ever be.

And MTTB is the easiest, simplest, least-expensive, most-proven, lowest-risk method to finally stop saying “I’ll wait until I’m ready”…and get started.

It’s a terrible thing to wait until you’re ready.

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Screenshot of my First commission:

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Greetings again!

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Seth Godin’s Prescription for Beating Fear

“What’s the smallest, tiniest thing that I can master and what’s the scariest thing I can do in front of the smallest number of people that can teach me how to dance with the fear?” Once we get good at that, we just realize that it’s not fatal. And that idea is what’s so key — because then you can do it a little bit more.”
–Seth Godin

Our fear usually tells us what we need to do most.

But many of us have gotten highly-skilled at avoiding and/or numbing that fear.

But the only way you achieve success is by facing a fear and breaking through to the next level.

Otherwise you stay exactly where you are for the rest of your life.

Scared and numb.

Or scared and dissatisfied.

Question 1: When is the last time you stared down a fear and broke through to another level in your life?

Question 2: What are you afraid of doing that you KNOW you must do to achieve online success?

Today, take Seth Godin’s advice and take the smallest, tiniest step you can in the direction of your fear.

Get started on something that scares you a little.

One very small, simple step you can take, is to get started with MTTB for $49.

Then take one small step every day for 21 days.

If after 21 days, you have not made a commission, Matt Lloyd will pay you $500.

That’s 10 times your money back, if you take this small, scary step and it doesn’t work out for you.

But, I’m going to bet that what Seth says is true: You’ll find out it’s not fatal. You’ll find out the first step was not that hard. Then you’ll find out the next step isn’t that hard. Soon, you’ll be on to Step 21 and making commissions regularly.

$1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions.

Maybe even driving a new Mercedes.

But you’ll never get there if you let your fears win.

Take a small step to victory today.


The First Step is More than the First Step

Do you know anyone who writes for a living? If you
do, read them this Greek proverb and watch as they
nod their head…

“The beginning is half of every action.”

The writer will nod his head because he knows that
first step, the beginning of the writing, is far and away
the most important step. Far more important than the
fraction of actual time it takes compared to
the rest of the work”.

For example, if a writer has to write 10,000 words, the
first sentence is half of the project.

Even if that sentence is only 20 words long. It’s still
half the work.

The reason is because the momentum of beginning
carries you through at least the first half of the task.

Momentum, getting over the inertia of beginning, is
half of every action.

Sometimes we look at a project that has, for example,
21 steps, and we think “If I get started on the first step, I’ll
only be 1/21 of the way done. I’ll still have 20 out of 21
steps to complete, so I’ll still have 20/21 or
about 95% of the task still to complete”.

But the proverb, and reality, tell us this is not true. BEGINNING
that first step is actually 50% of the action…and the
remaining 20 steps are simply another 50%.

The momentum of beginning is half the effort you need to
exert to get to the level of success you want to achieve.

When will you begin?

MTTB’s 21-steps are guaranteed to deliver you your first
commission in 30 days, or pay you $500.


It’s time to get started.

>> Confirm Your Free Video Now: How To Get 1k, 3k, and 5k Commissons…

Greetings again!

Free! 21 Step Program Shows How
To Get $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000
Commissions Deposited Into Your
Bank Account… Without Ever Having
to Pick Up The Phone!

Before I send you there, take a look at MY PERSONAL
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To the top!

Need some help with all those Traffic Exchanges? | Website Traffic | Online Business

As a traffic exchange surfer I’m usually keeping an eye out
for those programs or even select software that can help minimize
headaches while maximizing my Surf Power.

I have found an amazing tool that I can NOT believe took me SO long
to look into! I’m aggravated with myself for not paying attention earlier.

If you are a Traffic Exchange Surfer – you REALLY must take a look at this.

Even the Free version is awesome!

And you can get a yearly upgrade for as little as $15!

$15 for a Year!

That’s amazing in itself which made me skeptical to take it seriously, I suppose.

However – I finally did take it seriously and I plugged as many of my own logins
in as I could. (They are adding exchanges indefinitely, so if your favorites aren’t
in there yet, sit tight, they will be.)

Here is this amazing tool for surfers:

Traffic Browser | $15 a year upgrade! | Traffic Exchange

I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. Surfing exchanges is so smooth
and fast. I know – you’re wondering how your surfing can get faster when you do the
whole Ctrl+Tab then Click technique, huh? Well, prepare to be blown away.

Happy surfing!
Celena Barton

PS: It is especially helpful for CTP’ers and CSN’ers… 🙂

NOTE: What is all this talk about Traffic Exchanges? Whether you have an
online business or an offline business, you need visitors, right? If you have a
website presence, Traffic Exchanges can prove to be helpful in your
marketing – get website traffic to your site! Check out ClickTrackProfit to learn
all about it (and have a bit of fun in the process).

How to turn your mess into your message…| Done For You | MTTB System | Perfection

“Turn Your Mess Into Your Message.” -Robin Roberts
I don’t know what it is, but online, people try to be some
perfect person to others.They think “perfection” will
equal more sales and profits.
However, that couldn’t be any further than the truth!
Would you like to be like a robot?

Programmed for perfection, no mistakes, no learning
experiences, just perfection.

Right now, NO!

You likely wouldn’t.

And you def wouldn’t want to get emails and messages
from some perfect robot each day right?

There’s very little for us to learn there.

The other route is to be YOU.

To be authentic.

To stop trying to be something we all know you’re not.

To turn your mess, into your message!

Realize that people are where you’re at and where
you’ve been.

We all make mistakes, errors, we have setbacks,
triumphs, and everything in between.

THAT’S what you want to share with your list. That
is where you can greatly help them out, and profit
insanely from!

The more you put yourself out there, the more
successful you’ll be.

If you’re just starting out in this business, great!
Don’t try to be a guru. You’re in a better position
than they are to profit.

Start sharing from where you’re at -right now.

Maybe you tested an ad method, and it bombed.
You bought a solo ad, and it tanked or just got
one sale.

Perhaps you’ve just got around to outsourcing your
first project online and you messed up, and learned
a few things that you can share with others.

Get this…

People (many people!), will always be just a step or
two behind you. Not 100 steps, just a couple.

When you share this stuff with them, you become
their guru. They’ll trust you, they’ll follow you, and
they’ll buy from you.

Everything you put out will be hyper-relevant to

No need to act all perfect, or pretend you’re in a
mansion with 5 Ferrari’s out front. Who relates to

I mean… I’ve got at least 10. ;)

Anyways, I just wanted to share this, because these
little things can make all the difference in your

And, doing things on the up and up, always, will
also help ya sleep good every night.

And when you start sharing your experiences and
where you’re at within the MTTB System in


It can put a lot of cash into your pockets.

Because it’s designed to help you get high ticket
sales –Done For You– on the backend.

So all you have to do is share and tell your front-
end process and experiences as outlined above.


Talk later!