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Holy Spotted Calf! Get excited about Health and Business all over again! (Listen to this recording.)

I feel it a great duty to share this Conference Call recording with you so you can learn about the amazing products (namely, the Colostrum) of the company Anovite. Read the following email sent to me by my business partner and see how excited she is about this!

My own personal story so far includes my youngest daughter (who turned 13 just today!) and my insomnia problems. We’ve been taking the Colostrum6 for nearly three weeks now, and our sleeping patterns are falling in to place. Waking up easier and feeling better rested is so nice!

Listen to this recording as soon as you can!

or call to listen: 302-202-1115 pin 15307193

** Read the following email — it will get you psyched about Health and Business all over again!

Following is a long — and incredibly exciting — letter from one of my business partners:

If you are as sick and tired, as I am, of half-baked, under-funded MLM companies, and inept CEO’s, Presidents and Owners, products that you know don’t work, and expensive, untested/unproven marketing methods that produce no results, then it’s time to join a real company with me as your sponsor! I thoroughly test and prove everything I bring to my downline. I am living proof that my methods work because I personally enroll hundreds of members! All you have to do is follow my lead! I will give you everything that I use… and WORKS!

Yes, I have had it! What a mess of companies there are today! And, that is why Bob and I paid our attorneys to fully vet this company. We are now going to make this company our home!

You have to stay with a real company for years if you want to make the big money! That’s a fact! That’s how we made our millions! Staying with a solid company with products people were hyperventilated-excited about! Add our proven, direct-mail and online methods and you too can be a top recruiter without talking to anyone, without chasing anyone, without making cold calls or selling products. None of that! Just stay home, work a few hours here and there, enroll more people than ever and succeed!

With the materials I write — like this — and which you’ll be able to use too, I personally sponsor hundreds and hundreds of members and the highest majority sign up without ever calling me. What? Yes, that’s right! The same is true for my downline members! We always become the fastest growing, most successful group! Always! Bob and I built an organization of over 250,000 members worldwide working from home, using our one-of-a-kind materials and methods!

So come on! Let me show you how it’s really done! You’ll use my proven materials and we’ll tell you where to get email addresses of prospects. We’ll have proven postcard mailings! PROVEN! What a concept, huh?

Are you ready to stop wasting your time with kiddy-candy-carnival-land companies, then take a look at this and get on board now! Let me be your sponsor!


We have joined a STELLAR new company, which will be our new home! It’s been totally vetted and it meets all of our criteria:

1) COMPANY — The parent company is 25 years old, has been selling to health food stores and practitioners in 40 countries and continues to grow 30% a year! Both companies are debt free, have the same owners and CEO, and they have their own manufacturing facility. Stop! When’s the last time you’ve been in a company that owns its manufacturing facility? Hello!

2) PRODUCTS — You don’t know it yet, but you need their main products, you will want their main products, and you will love all of their products! Everyone needs their main products! Better yet, all of their products are cGMP rated. (Google that.) Best of all, their main product and the main ingredient in all of their products have been 3rd party tested by an Ivy League University, specifically Cornell University, and there is a Certificate Of Analysis! Further, their #1 product has won the coveted "Healthy Living Choice Awards" twice? Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll ask you again… When was the last time…? (No kidding.)

3) COMPENSATION PLAN — If you’ve known me for awhile, then you know I never liked Binary Pay Plans. But that was only because I didn’t understand Binary Pay Plans. I now absolutely love Binaries because I know how to work them to win and I’ll share that with you! All of these pay plans are games of sorts, and I’ve got this one down! I’ll share how to build it right!

It’s stated that they have 14 ways to earn, which includes retailing and several advanced bonuses that none of us need to know now. Putting those aside, there are Fast Start Bonuses to begin with, $25.00, $50.00,and $75.00 and something unique — Fast Start Mentor Bonuses, which you will earn every time one of your Personally Sponsored Members enrolls someone. $8.00, $16.00 and $24.00.

The monthly requirement is only $50.00 BV and you only need 2 Personally Sponsored, one on your left and one on your right. Then you will earn 12.5% of your pay leg volume. There’s a credit system for maintaining autoship too, which accumulates to get free products. Next, there are Matching Bonuses, where you can earn 10% to 31% of Binary Bonuses earned by all of the Members in your enrollment downline. Then there are Title Advancement Bonuses, Company Profit Pools, and Car Bonuses. I may not be able to explain all of this but, be assured, I see the money! A lot! And you will too! Especially with our proven online and direct-mail methods.

Are you ready? Are you ready?

Proudly, let me introduce you to:

(drum roll)


Anovite’ is pronounced "uh NO vih tay" and means "A New You!" The parent company is Immune Tree and the CEO and founder is Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith.

The main product is Colostrum and it is in all of their products. This is the product that won the coveted "Healthy Living People’s Awards" twice. This product is why Immune Tree and now Anovite’ are the undisputed global authorities on Organic 6-hour Certified Colostrum production, manufacturing and distribution! Not only did Cornell University thoroughly test the product, laboratories like MVTL and the Delta Wellness Research Laboratory have confirmed Immune Tree’s/Anovite’s superior quality of colostrum too. (Read that paragraph again. Impressive!)

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Of course you don’t. I didn’t either. But you need this product, you will want this product, because Anovite’s 6-hour bovine Colostrum is considered to be the single most nutritious substance on the planet. Colostrum jump-starts all systems and reboots what is not functioning well. Colostrum has All Essential Fats, All Essential Amino Acids, 87 Growth Factors, 97 Immune Factors, All Probiotic Bacteria, and More! The testimonials are profound and cover all types of illnesses. Don’t have an illness yet? Great! Then you want this just to keep your immune system strong.

Listen, Anovite’s website and back-office are spectacular! Our upline is all full-time people, all in a row and very supportive. Start by going to my website: Want to look at the Compensation Plan? Go to:

Then, take a look at, or listen to, the following links that interest you:

Start here:

1) There are a ton of videos on Colostrum, so go for it on YouTube, but here are a couple of interest. I don’t like that they may link to others and I will remedy that, as soon as I can, but for now: — This is someone else’s information for Anovite’! It’s great and I’m trying to get one of my upline to get this for us. There are several videos here that may take care of everything you need to know!

Why Colostrum? MD’s talk.

2) You can google information on Dr. Kleinsmith and Immune Tree. Here’s some info on Dr. Kleinsmith:


Immune Tree, Inc.

September 1993 – Present (23 years 1 month)

Immune Tree, Inc., the leading colostrum company, was founded by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, Ph.D. in September 1993.

Dr. Kleinsmith has 18 years of experience in the research of nutritional health. He has formulated for Immune Tree as well as other companies around the world for the past 16 years. He has been involved with research for both human and animal health; and his product development has reached into Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. His specialty and focus have been on Anti-Aging, Immune Enhancement/Regulation, and Weight Loss. His work with recombinant forms of growth hormones lead him to solidify research on natural forms of the IGF-1/GH Super Family found in abundance in his colostrum.

During the last two decades in the nutritional industry, Dr. Kleinsmith has helped establish several unique contract manufacturing facilities. These facilities have focused on the ability to maintain the integrity of natural substances without the use of additives or fillers.

Dr. Kleinsmith has authored numerous articles for various health magazines, made TV appearances, and is a regular on several National radio shows. He has also toured the world as a public speaker.

Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on colostrum. Test after test from institutions like Cornell University, laboratories like MVTL and the Delta Wellness Research Laboratory have confirmed Immune Tree’s superior quality of colostrum.

3) Here’s a recording from one of our great upline. His name is Dr. Jerry Shaw: 1-888-882-1198

4) Here’s the testimonial of another great upline member of ours, Winder Lyons:

Audio Testimonial with Winder Lyons (3:49) | Winder Lyons Testimonial Transcript (pdf)

5) All of the symptoms of RA (rheumatoid arthritis) were reversed for this 3 year old girl in less than 2 months with colostrum. Audio Testimonial with Lindsay Glover (18:28) | Lindsay Glover Testimonial Transcript (pdf) |

6) Here’s information on their award:

People’s Choice Award 2012

Doctor’s Prescription for Healthy Living Magazine

March 2012

With over 4000 votes counted, Immune-Tree colostrum has won the coveted Healthy Living People’s Choice Award with an astounding 89.33%. Source Naturals was a distant second at 4.55%, Jarrow scored 3.98%, Symbiotics 1.40% and TBR Labs had less than one percent of the vote. Frankly, we’re not surprised, for over 15 years, Immune-Tree has been the most trusted name in colostrum formulas—and now the people have spoken.

People’s Choice Award 2013

Doctor’s Prescription for Healthy Living Magazine

April 2013

For the second year in a row, Immune-Tree colostrum has won the coveted Healthy Living People’s
Choice Award with an astounding 97.9% for 2013 and 89.33% for 2012. The competition percentages:
Symbiotics .08%, Jarrow .08% and Source Naturals with .05%. For: Superior product, PERFORMANCE, DEDICATION to research and development, COMMITMENT to quality control and assurance.


Wow! There is so much more to share! It’s unbelievable! Their website is great! Their back-office is too. They have at least 5 in customer service now and they’re knowledgable. Dr. Kleinsmith is accessible and easy to talk to… and on… and on… and on… Bob and I are so excited, we bought every single product to try, and double of several! We spent between $600.00 and $700.00! What does that tell you?

I’ll be glad to send you testimonials, phone numbers of upline members to talk to and their email addresses. I’ll be glad to arrange a call with Dr. Kleinsmith too. Just tell me what you need. But take this seriously! NOW! This is about your health and your wealth! And everyone else’s too!

Hurry! I’m going for it! I want this to be our home! I want you as close to the top as possible. I am going to spill, spill, spill!

Yes, the first thing you need to do is let me know you’re interested so I keep you updated. There will probably be a group Conference Call this week so make sure you’re on my list to receive that information from me.

Let’s move on this! Together! Get in the highest position possible before I personally enroll hundreds Oh, Yes! It’s going to happen! Please don’t miss out!

Stop! Here’s an update for you: I started sending this email out and within record time way, way… way… too many people joined for me to handle, which means I need to stop enrolling right now. Therefore I want you to join my key partner, Celena Barton, so you’ll have both of us helping you. This is sure to give you a huge advantage! So, again, let’s go!

Jayne Guzzetti

AMC, Inc.

P.S. If you have questions, please respond back to this email address, and either I or Celena Barton will respond. Again, please don’t miss out!