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>> The Danger of Waiting Until You’re Ready

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“It’s a terrible thing in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There’s almost no such thing as ready. There’s only now. And you may as well do it now."
–Hugh Laurie

If you have kids, you’ll get this. If you don’t have kids, just wait until you do.

You’ll get it then…

But, have you ever heard a young couple say, “We’re just not quite ready for kids now.”

If you have kids, every time you hear a young couple say that, you probably giggle a little.

You probably nod your head and try not break out laughing.

Because, as every parent knows, YOU ARE NEVER READY FOR KIDS.

There’s no such thing as being ready.

Because until you have kids, you have no idea what it’s like to have them.

It’s one of those things that you learn as you do.

It’s one of those things that you can’t fully prepare for.

And the same is true of most important things in life. Like marriage. And starting your own business.

You’ll never be “Ready”. Because, as Hugh Laurie says, “There is no such thing as ready.”

About the only way you can know if you’re ready for kids is to ask yourself, “Am I ready to love something more than I love myself?”

If you can truthfully answer “yes” to that question, you’re probably as ready as you’re ever going to be.

And when it comes to starting your own business, if you can truthfully answer “yes”, to the question “Do I want something more from my life than the usual 9 to 5, cubicle-bound, work-for-40-years-and-get-a-gold-watch existence?”

If you truly do want more, if that desire burns in your belly, then you’re as ready as you’ll ever be.

And MTTB is the easiest, simplest, least-expensive, most-proven, lowest-risk method to finally stop saying “I’ll wait until I’m ready”…and get started.

It’s a terrible thing to wait until you’re ready.

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The First Step is Half the Battle – Work from Home

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The First Step is More than the First Step

Do you know anyone who writes for a living? If you
do, read them this Greek proverb and watch as they
nod their head…

“The beginning is half of every action.”

The writer will nod his head because he knows that
first step, the beginning of the writing, is far and away
the most important step. Far more important than the
fraction of actual time it takes compared to
the rest of the work”.

For example, if a writer has to write 10,000 words, the
first sentence is half of the project.

Even if that sentence is only 20 words long. It’s still
half the work.

The reason is because the momentum of beginning
carries you through at least the first half of the task.

Momentum, getting over the inertia of beginning, is
half of every action.

Sometimes we look at a project that has, for example,
21 steps, and we think “If I get started on the first step, I’ll
only be 1/21 of the way done. I’ll still have 20 out of 21
steps to complete, so I’ll still have 20/21 or
about 95% of the task still to complete”.

But the proverb, and reality, tell us this is not true. BEGINNING
that first step is actually 50% of the action…and the
remaining 20 steps are simply another 50%.

The momentum of beginning is half the effort you need to
exert to get to the level of success you want to achieve.

When will you begin?

MTTB’s 21-steps are guaranteed to deliver you your first
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How to turn your mess into your message…| Done For You | MTTB System | Perfection

“Turn Your Mess Into Your Message.” -Robin Roberts
I don’t know what it is, but online, people try to be some
perfect person to others.They think “perfection” will
equal more sales and profits.
However, that couldn’t be any further than the truth!
Would you like to be like a robot?

Programmed for perfection, no mistakes, no learning
experiences, just perfection.

Right now, NO!

You likely wouldn’t.

And you def wouldn’t want to get emails and messages
from some perfect robot each day right?

There’s very little for us to learn there.

The other route is to be YOU.

To be authentic.

To stop trying to be something we all know you’re not.

To turn your mess, into your message!

Realize that people are where you’re at and where
you’ve been.

We all make mistakes, errors, we have setbacks,
triumphs, and everything in between.

THAT’S what you want to share with your list. That
is where you can greatly help them out, and profit
insanely from!

The more you put yourself out there, the more
successful you’ll be.

If you’re just starting out in this business, great!
Don’t try to be a guru. You’re in a better position
than they are to profit.

Start sharing from where you’re at -right now.

Maybe you tested an ad method, and it bombed.
You bought a solo ad, and it tanked or just got
one sale.

Perhaps you’ve just got around to outsourcing your
first project online and you messed up, and learned
a few things that you can share with others.

Get this…

People (many people!), will always be just a step or
two behind you. Not 100 steps, just a couple.

When you share this stuff with them, you become
their guru. They’ll trust you, they’ll follow you, and
they’ll buy from you.

Everything you put out will be hyper-relevant to

No need to act all perfect, or pretend you’re in a
mansion with 5 Ferrari’s out front. Who relates to

I mean… I’ve got at least 10. ;)

Anyways, I just wanted to share this, because these
little things can make all the difference in your

And, doing things on the up and up, always, will
also help ya sleep good every night.

And when you start sharing your experiences and
where you’re at within the MTTB System in


It can put a lot of cash into your pockets.

Because it’s designed to help you get high ticket
sales –Done For You– on the backend.

So all you have to do is share and tell your front-
end process and experiences as outlined above.


Talk later!


The Drawbacks of this business are big…

Good day!

It’s no secret that Franchises are one of the most proven
business models
out there.

Instead of mom and pop opening up shop with no clue
what they’re doing…

They can get a franchise with a proven business model,
a consultant to help them get set up, done-for-you
marketing materials from corporate…

Basically everything they need to get up and running…

However, I propose a much more lucrative, lower-risk,
lower-stress way to build a business

First let’s look at the big drawbacks of Franchises:

One is the high start-up costs. If you want to get
going with a McDonald’s, you can expect to shell
out over a million bucks!

Then, you’ve still got to purchase equipment, secure
land, get the store built etc…

And, you have to keep it all up, and maintaining a
business and the property alone ain’t too much fun!

You’ve also got employees to hire and manage, they
aren’t usually paid the best so then you’ve got wage
wars, protest rallies etc… for higher pay.

You’ve got loads of codes to adhere to, you’re at the
Franchiser’s beck and call, they can access your
financial records whenever they want and tell you
when they want, say, weekly income reports, all
around… there are a lot of drawbacks involved.

Really, there are a lot of drawbacks to ANY brick-
and-mortar business, and I don’t think I could ever
run a business like that.

What’s better than Franchising? It’s much more
Awesome and Cooler brother… Licensing!

Much lower start-up costs and overhead…

No employees…

No physical business or inventory needed…

No big fancy demands from corporate…

You’re in more control of your marketing

Basically, you get all the benefits, and then
some, without any of the drawbacks!

Work from home or coffee shops or while

Lucrative commissions all the way from $49
to $15,000.

…Full support from the company as well as
24/7 contact with other Licensee’s.

Opportunities for further growth and freedom
by attending the yearly Masterminds set in
the most luxurious locations on earth.

…And we’re just getting started here. : )

Licensing is for the person that see’s the benefits
in a proven system that works and gives them all
they need to succeed…

Yet, they still want a life. They want freedom. They
want time to do what they want, when they want.

Just imagine a life like that…

It’s the ultimate leverage.

If that sounds good to you, than MTTB isn’t ‘A’
system for you…

It’s ‘THE’ system for you:

Enjoy the journey!

3 Money Tips From The Wizard Of Oz…

There are some truly great marketing and magical
money-making tips to pull from The Wizard Of Oz…

Particularly, Dorothy and her crew encounter with the
Great Oz himself…

I’m talking tips that can change the game for you…

That can take you from zero to hero…

That will put lot’s of dolla’s into your pocket ‘IF’ you’re
smart enough to implement.

Let’s break it down, cool?

Remember Dorothy and her companions finally make it
to the Emerald City only to be refused entry to see the
great Oz?

Now, at this point do you think they want to see him
more, or less?…


Let’s stop here and think about your business.

Are you chasing leads online or being chased?

Are you exclusive?

Do you have a process to weed-out and block, to
pre-qualify leads before they can get access to you?

Is there a way that a new lead will feel special for just
getting through to you and your system?

Or can any old slub gain access?

Think about it…

Moving on…

When they finally make it inside, now ‘aching’ to talk
to this Great Oz, they’re suddenly greeted with fire,
smoke, and a booming voice:

‘The Great Oz Has Spoken!".


Let’s talk about presentation.

Are you unique, dramatic, do you stand out from the
rest of your competition?

Is what you’re doing amazing?

Awe inspiring?

Are they entertained?

Who makes more money, entertainers or teachers?

Think about it…

Moving on to the biggest tip now:

Right when they hear this booming voice, Dorothy’s
dog Toto pulls back the curtain revealing a rather
ordinary looking man pulling all these levers and
speaking into the microphone…

He says: ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the
curtain, the Great Oz has spoken!’

You see, this guy was a myth, just like most guru’s
or celebrities out there, created by good marketing
and hard work in the background.

The point?

You may, just like many people do, hold people in
this industry up on some high pedestal like they’ve
got some secret skill or knowledge that you don’t.


They are very good marketers, they’ve ‘positioned’
themselves this way. They’ve worked their tails off
to earn that spot (at least the legit folks out there

Behind the curtains of booming sales campaigns,
big promises, and fancy lifestyles you desire are
real, down-to-earth, hard-working men and women
that are willing to do whatever it takes to make their
dreams come true.

YOU can do and have the exact same thing. As long
as you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and become
a Wizard yourself.

The only shortcut I know of rather than following the
advice above… is to ride the coattails of another
Wizard that’s willing to share his knowledge and BIG
TICKET profits
with you, another secret the online

Rare indeed, however they’re out there.

This is the best one in my humble but accurate

Here’s to following your own Yellow Brick Road
to success!

Imagine what True Success in life would feel like!

To your journey!

Unheard Of Big Ticket Commissions…

It’s no surprise that to achieve any sort of success,
it’s going to cause a wee bit of stress at times…

And at other times, it’ll cause so much overwhelming
stress and discomfort that you’ll just want to give up!

Literal sweating, stomach aches, headaches, and an
overbearing urge to do everything BUT what you know
you should be!

It’s that critical spot between learning how to do
something and doing it… It’s that GAP between
doing it and major success that most people give
up at.

All because of stress and discomfort. Fear.

But you know?…

Here’s the feeling that happens when you say "You
know what, this doesn’t work, it’s too hard and I’ll
just find something more "push button"…

…Your stress melts away.

…You sigh a breath of relief.

…You’ve just let yourself off the hook.

…Your brain says "good decision!"

Bad, bad BAD!!


Those are all false indicators.

Stress is a good thing once you understand it
and learn how to push through it.

That false relief should tell you that you’re now
back in your comfort zone.

And in that comfort zone, none of the amazing
things that’s waiting to happen in your life will

So next time you feel like giving up, don’t. Keep
pushing, keep fighting, keep growing. And don’t
ever stop. Feel the uncomfortable fear and do it

And if you’re ready to keep fighting for you dream
of financial freedom via the internet, I’d suggest
you give the MTTB System a little look:

Watch Here:


It’s easier to keep going and get successful when
you have a proven system to follow, your own coach
to reach out to for guidance…

And a system where the owner shares the ‘BIG TICKET’
with you on the back-end! Something
literally unheard of, in ANY industry.

28 February, 2014 05:41

Argh… I’ve had a many of arguments about this lately…

Do you keep catching wind of this little thing called a
Recession‘ ?

I wasn’t even aware of it, as I try to stay clear of the
NEWS, that seems to only find everything bad that
is going on in the world…

And my business definitely hasn’t been touched by
it anytime recently…

Here’s the reason why:

There’s only one way that I know how to keep yourself
Recession-Proof, and I can sum it up in one word:


"What!?" …you may be asking.

How cute of you…

Listen: Here’s the Hard Data taken from the nerds
working for Billion Dollar brands that go out and
collect all this information:

Despite the economic collapse, sales of luxury, high
ticket goods remained steady.

(Interlude: Not steady for me. My income has rapidly
gone up recently thanks to High Ticket and MTTB.)

Now, there are a LOT more affluent people than there
was a decade ago…

And surprise surprise, they’re looking to spend…

On hobbies they like…

On making themselves better…

On bigger homes and nicer cars…

And on investing in Home Business and Money-
Getting Opportunities

…Like MOBE teaches you to do:


Even considering an economic downturn, people may
make slight modifications in their lifestyle, however,
they do NOT change their fundamental behavior.

…It’s why Starbucks is crushing it even though a
Hot, Creamy, Mocha may cost ya $6.00.

Here’s a simple solution to any money woes you may
be having, or a way for you to generate a NEW cash-
windfall if that’s where you’re at in life…


High Ticket.

You NEED to be offering them in your business…

Simple as that.

People are looking to spend $2k, $5k, $10k, $50k+,
IF it’s beneficial for them…

And smart companies offer these options for their

Think G.M.

They offer a High-End Hummer for around $100k.
And they sell lot’s of em.

But they also offer a cheaper model now, the
Hummer H2, more around $30k…

You need to offer BOTH…

If you’re not offering these types of products and
opportunities in your business, then know that
someone else IS…

…And they’ll get your hard-earned sale rather than

How would that feel?

You do all the work…

Attract the sale…


Your competitor does nothing besides positioning
themselves better than you and they get the big

It doesn’t feel good!!

Don’t worry though, because worry will get you
nowhere. Flattery and taking Action will get
you FAR though!

MTTB will teach you everything you need to know
about Luxury offers, and better yet, you’ll have the
opportunity to generate $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000


And you don’t even have to create a product, sell
on the phone, or any of that crazy stuff!

We know you’re busy and likely not Superman, so
you can leverage our System instead, and make your
chances of success that MUCH easier…

Talk later gator!