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** URGENT info that will affect all home businesses!!

Finally, somebody stepped up to the plate & is doing things differently. Why is it so many people struggle & fail in this Industry? Many reasons, but here’s something your Company Owner nor your Upline wants you to see!!! I hope it makes them all change their ways but I doubt it because it’s about their bottom line.

What if there was a Company that:

  • Allowed you to join for fr-ee

  • Earn 50% commissions starting today with no purchase requirement

  • Pays out 75%

  • Has 100% check match

  • Has a complete marketing system with contact manager, auto-responder, customizable capture pages, postcards & leads

  • Has a one of a kind & exclusive rights to a product that everyone should take from infants to elderly, where people are seeing results immediately

  • Had a professional in-house call center that took all your calls, answered questions, handled objections & CLOSED your sales for you! ( Paid for by the Company not you )

What if there was a team co-op that has 18 thousand in team advertising the first week going to the group?

All of this is real & of course they don’t want you to see it because they can’t compete. Why would anyone continue to pay high auto-ships, make measly commissions, have to make phone calls & try to recruit or worse yet teach their teams to do it!! They don’t want you to see this because they know they will lose people like crazy!!

Hurry over & grab a fr-ee position so you can look around & see if this isn’t the answer to prayer! Yes it’s real; Yes someone finally stepped up & is providing a solution to so many people!! It’s your turn to be in the right place at the right time – You deserve it!! Tell your friends & contacts before they are telling you!!

This is Super Exciting!

See you on the Inside!

God bless – and best of luck to you!

Founders’ Positions Almost Full! Health and Wellness hasn’t seen THIS before….

Hi friends,

This is Celena and I only have a minute but I have something important I want to tell you about. I think it is going to be big and there is just a short window where you can get in as a Founder so I would encourage you to at least take a look. If this works out it could make you a very wealthy person. When you go to the website be sure to look at the pictures. These products are going to change the world, so check it out right away. This is a company where you can share in the entire global sales.

Daily Conference Call Monday – Saturday

Latest Recording: 641-715-3589 Pin: 949 458#

You may not be able to join through the website yet as it is currently being updated to hit our Launch. However, if you think you would like more information about this amazing business, EMAIL me at ‘celenachar @ gmail . com’ with "FREEMART" in the Subject line so I do not overlook it. Please include your First and Last name. I will use the email address you send from, unless you specify a different one.

Bye for now.

Take a serious look at this:






Yes, it’s true! A team of "The Greatest Minds" has come together and solved all of the problems and obstacles associated with this type of business! Every single one! Yes, there is a money-back guarantee that you’ll be earning $1,000.00 a month within your 1st 6 months! That’s because, with all of the simple, proven tools and methods, this solid company is sure you can earn a full-time income in that amount of time! The income potential is an extraordinary 5-figures a month! Everything’s already in place, just waiting for you! SIMPLE!!

This completely home-based business is unbelievably affordable to join! For everyone! Seriously, most people won’t take more than a few minutes to consider the cost! Better yet, there are no cold calls, no chasing people, no face-to-face, no meetings, no dressing up, no running around! No this, no that! No! No! Never! You’ll work from home. That’s it. Really! Best of all, you will only need a few hours a week to succeed! The hours you choose. Yes, everything will be Your Choice, Your Way! Finally, success is knocking at YOUR DOOR! Please open it and read on!







the long version

1) Yes, it’s only $24.95 to join, $24.95 a month! No it’s not $100.00, $200.00, $1,000.00, or way more, like so many other businesses you’ve looked at. It’s a big $24.95 decision! Let this really sink in because not only does this make it an easy decision for you to join, it’s an easy decision for everyone! For all of your prospects! Easy decision = More Enrollments For You = Faster Growth = Unlimited, Extraordinary Income! That is exactly what is happening right now! EASY! FAST!

2) That’s right, when you join our EPX180 group, AMC Inc, there are no cold calls, no chasing people, no face-to-face, no meetings, no dressing up, no running around! No this, no that! You’ll work from home! That’s it. And you can pick and choose between several easy online marketing methods, postcard mailings, free and low-cost advertising and so much more! All done with materials that have already been proven and lead sources already in place for you. As a matter of fact, you can use our mailing service and your postcards will be mailed for you, completely hands-off! Yes, everything is already in place and just waiting for you! SIMPLE! EASY! DONE!

3) When you join us, in EPX, you will be part of Bob and Jayne Guzzetti’s AMC Team! It has always been clear to Bob and Jayne that their members are here to make money! That’s it, the number one reason, period. It’s clear to them that you and everyone else who joins is thinking "Show me the money!" Proven marketing materials, easy methods and simple systems are what AMC is all about! They don’t care "what sounds good" or "what should work!" Bob and Jayne only care about what "does work!" Their main objective at all times is finding ways to "FORCE" their members to succeed, to "FORCE" their members to make money, great money, to "FORCE" their members to stay FOREVER! How mean is that? Really? We hope you’re laughing. Bob and Jayne are always thinking "How can we have our doors open to everyone? What can we do to make success attainable for 100% of our people?" Yes, they aim high, which is why they’ve built such huge organizations world-wide. That’s why they have tens of thousands of members earning full-time and extraordinary incomes! 5-figures a month! "Give people what works and what they need to find success, give them methods to fit their busy schedules, their budgets, their personalities and success will follow!" SIMPLE! FAST! DONE!

4) You’ll have your own EPX180 website, free of charge. Plus you’ll have several other websites of your own, too. You’ll use your other websites if you decide to market EPX’s health products or if you want to use an autoresponder with your prospects. All of your websites are free, when you want and only if you want. Not interested? Then simply promote EPX180 as we are doing here. NO PROBLEM!

5) There are Written Materials, Recorded Messages, YouTube Videos, Daily Conference Calls, Facebook Pages, Company Updates and Group Updates. You’ve never seen so much help and information at your fingertips! But don’t get worried, don’t go crazy! Some are for training, some are for marketing. You’ll simply pick and choose what you want to use, if and when you want to. Not interested or don’t need any of these, no problem. You may never need most of these, but they are there for you if you ever do. They are there for the people who join you! Plus there are several full-time people in our group — YOUR group — who are only a phone call or email away and you can contact EPX directly too! It’s YOUR CHOICE! YOUR WAY!

6) Yes, you are guaranteed $1,000.00 a month income within 6 months! Enroll just 4 distributors within your first month and maintain at least 4 active distributors for 6 months! It doesn’t need to be the original 4, just keep any 4. Or your money back! Yes, you’re reading this right. That’s how much EPX180 believes in what they have to offer YOU! EPX180 is confident that with their pay plan, support, and simple, duplicatable 6-month plan, the income potential is at least $5,000.00 a month, by your 6th month! Remember, you can do a postcard mailing or use online methods to find your 4. YOU already know our postcard mailings and online methods work, or YOU wouldn’t be reading this right now. You are living proof that AMC’s methods work! RIGHT? ABSOLUTELY!

7) When you’ve enrolled 4, EPX will pay you $25.00 a month in commissions, which takes care of your $24.95/month. That’s right, only 4 and you’re FREE! This alone places EPX above all the rest!

8) When you join EPX180 for only $24.95, you’ll have a membership with VIPDeals. That’s what everyone is getting for their $24.95. With your VIPDeals membership, you will receive discounts on stores and restaurants in your area, nationally, and online. Easily you can save your monthly $24.95 cost back, and more! Way more! Members are regularly saving $100.00 to $200.00 a month. At least! Yes, it’s just $24.95 a month!

9) With the EPX180 program, your VIPDeals membership, here’s what you’ll get for your $24.95:


The First Step is Half the Battle – Work from Home

Click here to get more information:

Read the entire article here:

For an incredibly super-easy way to turn your articles into a simple little video:

If an 84-Year-Old Can Do it…What’s YOUR Excuse?

When I say “Online entrepreneur” you probably get in an image in your head of a 20- or 30-something guy with a iPad and a skinny jeans.

You might imagine a guy who has never known life without computers…or life without the internet, even.

You definitely wouldn’t be picturing Frank Torchia.

Frank Torchia is 84 years old.
He started out as a mechanic
Served in the armed forces
Sold cash registers
Sold computers back when the smallest ones filled a whole room.

Then he retired.

And retired again.

And retired again.

But he just can’t stay retired. The guy’s just got too much energy!

So, a couple of years ago he decided to try this “make money online” thing.

And in less than 30 days he turned his $49 into $1100.00.

When that happened, Frank said, “That’s it. The system works, I’m in”.

And he’s now on his way to making over $10,000 per month in MOBE.

If an 84 year old can do it…what’s your excuse.

Check out Frank’s story here.


The First Step is More than the First Step

Do you know anyone who writes for a living? If you
do, read them this Greek proverb and watch as they
nod their head…

“The beginning is half of every action.”

The writer will nod his head because he knows that
first step, the beginning of the writing, is far and away
the most important step. Far more important than the
fraction of actual time it takes compared to
the rest of the work”.

For example, if a writer has to write 10,000 words, the
first sentence is half of the project.

Even if that sentence is only 20 words long. It’s still
half the work.

The reason is because the momentum of beginning
carries you through at least the first half of the task.

Momentum, getting over the inertia of beginning, is
half of every action.

Sometimes we look at a project that has, for example,
21 steps, and we think “If I get started on the first step, I’ll
only be 1/21 of the way done. I’ll still have 20 out of 21
steps to complete, so I’ll still have 20/21 or
about 95% of the task still to complete”.

But the proverb, and reality, tell us this is not true. BEGINNING
that first step is actually 50% of the action…and the
remaining 20 steps are simply another 50%.

The momentum of beginning is half the effort you need to
exert to get to the level of success you want to achieve.

When will you begin?

MTTB’s 21-steps are guaranteed to deliver you your first
commission in 30 days, or pay you $500.


It’s time to get started.

>> Confirm Your Free Video Now: How To Get 1k, 3k, and 5k Commissons…

Greetings again!

Free! 21 Step Program Shows How
To Get $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000
Commissions Deposited Into Your
Bank Account… Without Ever Having
to Pick Up The Phone!

Before I send you there, take a look at MY PERSONAL
SCREENSHOT of MY FIRST big commission:

Get instant access to the video now,
for no cost:

To the top!

How to turn your mess into your message…| Done For You | MTTB System | Perfection

“Turn Your Mess Into Your Message.” -Robin Roberts
I don’t know what it is, but online, people try to be some
perfect person to others.They think “perfection” will
equal more sales and profits.
However, that couldn’t be any further than the truth!
Would you like to be like a robot?

Programmed for perfection, no mistakes, no learning
experiences, just perfection.

Right now, NO!

You likely wouldn’t.

And you def wouldn’t want to get emails and messages
from some perfect robot each day right?

There’s very little for us to learn there.

The other route is to be YOU.

To be authentic.

To stop trying to be something we all know you’re not.

To turn your mess, into your message!

Realize that people are where you’re at and where
you’ve been.

We all make mistakes, errors, we have setbacks,
triumphs, and everything in between.

THAT’S what you want to share with your list. That
is where you can greatly help them out, and profit
insanely from!

The more you put yourself out there, the more
successful you’ll be.

If you’re just starting out in this business, great!
Don’t try to be a guru. You’re in a better position
than they are to profit.

Start sharing from where you’re at -right now.

Maybe you tested an ad method, and it bombed.
You bought a solo ad, and it tanked or just got
one sale.

Perhaps you’ve just got around to outsourcing your
first project online and you messed up, and learned
a few things that you can share with others.

Get this…

People (many people!), will always be just a step or
two behind you. Not 100 steps, just a couple.

When you share this stuff with them, you become
their guru. They’ll trust you, they’ll follow you, and
they’ll buy from you.

Everything you put out will be hyper-relevant to

No need to act all perfect, or pretend you’re in a
mansion with 5 Ferrari’s out front. Who relates to

I mean… I’ve got at least 10. ;)

Anyways, I just wanted to share this, because these
little things can make all the difference in your

And, doing things on the up and up, always, will
also help ya sleep good every night.

And when you start sharing your experiences and
where you’re at within the MTTB System in


It can put a lot of cash into your pockets.

Because it’s designed to help you get high ticket
sales –Done For You– on the backend.

So all you have to do is share and tell your front-
end process and experiences as outlined above.


Talk later!


Review of George Kosch’s Home Business Bootcamp Training. Presented by Worldprofit.

George Kosch covered a lot of material in the training session including a review for new members as well as helpful information for more advanced marketers and members.

George provided detailed information about what the Top Sellers do to earn online, as well as the top affiliate marketing earners.

This information has universal application for building any online business.

Key components to earning online:

list building strategies
lead generation tools
consistency of approach
access to a number of products and services to promote change of focus from being a buyer to being a SELLER.
realistic attitude
preparedness to learn patience grit

The # 1 Mistake new marketers make:

No understanding of importance of using strategies for list building. With a list that you have built (no spam) you have a list of buyers for what you are selling. In Worldprofit’s training we teach you the importance of building your own email marketing list, how to do it (how NOT to do it) and maximizing your sales from that list).

What’s New at Worldprofit:

For those members who have purchased a Worldprofit hosted Blog, we have added two new features for you at no cost.

Worldprofit has acquired the developers license for this incredible plugin for your Worldprofit hosted WordPress blog.

George provided a detailed demonstration of what these features offer you and allow you to do.

Top 10 List Building Methods In 1 Plugin

This WordPress plugin works with any WordPress theme, and does 10 WordPress Optin tricks to get more subscribers so you can convert into more sales.

Everything to…

– Fancy Popup Lightbox Optins – Embed Optins – WordPress Comments Added to your Autoresponder – GoToWebinar Integration Optins – AutoBlogging Optins – Top Bar and Footer Ad Optins – Slider Options, really cool. – Widget Optins – Countdown Optins – and Much, Much More…

Also we have also added WordPress Image Suite ( at no cost)

One of the main issues faced by online marketers today is how to find quality images that they can use and customize in a fast and easy way.

ImageSuite is an incredible WordPress plugin which connects to the API of popular image sharing sites in a way that only fetches those images which are in the public domain and require no attribution.

These sites include Google Images, Flickr, Pixabay, Europeana, Wikimedia Commons and Open Library.

So within seconds, you can find beautiful images for your blog and social media accounts, and thanks to its built-in pixlr image editing technology, you won’t ever need to again open Photoshop, Gimp, or any

other graphics software.

Everything happens inside your websites and you are in total control of your design experience. You can have Instagram like effects, you can upload and edit your own images; you can have stickers, borders and

all kinds of effects to really make your images stand out.

Access is on LEFT MENU, look for PLUGINS/BLOGS/Cpanel then select WORDPRESS FREEBIES. There you will find both the Top 10 LIST BUILDING METHODS in 1 Plugin, as well as WP Image Suite.


Membership Plugin – Demonstration

A number of Members told us they wanted to have their OWN Membership site.

We have purchased the rights for Insta-Member which includes INSTA-THEME.

Members interested in having their own Membership site can review this plugin. Find more information on LEFT MENU under PLUGINS/BLOGS/Cpanel then select MEMBERSHIP SITE. This is an OPTIONAL service and there is a cost.


Thank you to all who attended the LIVE training today. The recording will be posted within 24 hours to your Member area in the TRAINING section. Next LIVE home business bootcamp training with George Kosch is next Friday (every Friday).

If you are reading this and would like to access the Home Business Training and earn at home programs offered at Worldprofit, sign up for free Associate membership. Worldprofit started on a kitchen table in 1994 and in 20 years has grown to be the # choice for online home business training. Republished with author’s permission by Celena Barton .

3 Money Tips From The Wizard Of Oz…

There are some truly great marketing and magical
money-making tips to pull from The Wizard Of Oz…

Particularly, Dorothy and her crew encounter with the
Great Oz himself…

I’m talking tips that can change the game for you…

That can take you from zero to hero…

That will put lot’s of dolla’s into your pocket ‘IF’ you’re
smart enough to implement.

Let’s break it down, cool?

Remember Dorothy and her companions finally make it
to the Emerald City only to be refused entry to see the
great Oz?

Now, at this point do you think they want to see him
more, or less?…


Let’s stop here and think about your business.

Are you chasing leads online or being chased?

Are you exclusive?

Do you have a process to weed-out and block, to
pre-qualify leads before they can get access to you?

Is there a way that a new lead will feel special for just
getting through to you and your system?

Or can any old slub gain access?

Think about it…

Moving on…

When they finally make it inside, now ‘aching’ to talk
to this Great Oz, they’re suddenly greeted with fire,
smoke, and a booming voice:

‘The Great Oz Has Spoken!".


Let’s talk about presentation.

Are you unique, dramatic, do you stand out from the
rest of your competition?

Is what you’re doing amazing?

Awe inspiring?

Are they entertained?

Who makes more money, entertainers or teachers?

Think about it…

Moving on to the biggest tip now:

Right when they hear this booming voice, Dorothy’s
dog Toto pulls back the curtain revealing a rather
ordinary looking man pulling all these levers and
speaking into the microphone…

He says: ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the
curtain, the Great Oz has spoken!’

You see, this guy was a myth, just like most guru’s
or celebrities out there, created by good marketing
and hard work in the background.

The point?

You may, just like many people do, hold people in
this industry up on some high pedestal like they’ve
got some secret skill or knowledge that you don’t.


They are very good marketers, they’ve ‘positioned’
themselves this way. They’ve worked their tails off
to earn that spot (at least the legit folks out there

Behind the curtains of booming sales campaigns,
big promises, and fancy lifestyles you desire are
real, down-to-earth, hard-working men and women
that are willing to do whatever it takes to make their
dreams come true.

YOU can do and have the exact same thing. As long
as you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and become
a Wizard yourself.

The only shortcut I know of rather than following the
advice above… is to ride the coattails of another
Wizard that’s willing to share his knowledge and BIG
TICKET profits
with you, another secret the online

Rare indeed, however they’re out there.

This is the best one in my humble but accurate

Here’s to following your own Yellow Brick Road
to success!

Imagine what True Success in life would feel like!

To your journey!